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What are people saying about Customs Broker Geek?

I just received a notification from CBP that I passed the October 2021 Broker Exam. Thank you all for your help and support. I passed the test in my first attempt and it was thanks to your great presentation, material, Sunday’s calls and great support from all of you. Thanks again.


Thank you for providing a very helpful online course. I passed my first time with 13 wrong. I found your site's interface easy to use and the recordings of the Sunday calls were helpful.


Just wanted to say thank you. I passed. Yay! Your course is PERFECT for going at it a 2nd time. It's explained in a way that's easy to understand and some good examples.


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Why go through the effort when more than 80% fail?

Is Getting A Customs Broker License Worth It?

It is no secret that passing the CBLE is hard. Over the last 5 years the pass rates have ranged between 4% (October 2019) and 34% (October 2023). The average during that time is just 17%. That means that more than 80% of people that attempt the exam fail.

“I really need a career change and so this new direction seems logical. I’ll always be thankful to you, Nate and the whole Geeks crew for your great course. I couldn’t have passed the exam without you guys!”


So why go through the effort?

  • Average Salary: between $73,000 and $97,000 according to I know plenty of brokers that make well over six figures.
  • Job Growth: US Department of Labor predicts job growth of 6% through 2028. That equates to 25,000 new jobs in the industry.
  • Job Security: CBP reports approximately 13,000 Licensed Customs Brokers in the United States. The US Imported $3.96 trillion worth of goods. Every one of those shipments gets cleared by a customs broker.

Those numbers are pretty staggering as it is. The number of imports is going to continue to increase. On the other hand the number of licensed Customs Brokers is on the decline. As more and more people retire, the pool of experienced LCB's is shrinking.

This makes job prospects even better for the people that buckle down and put in the effort to study and pass the CBLE. Licensed Customs Brokers are in demand!

Importers Hire Customs Brokers Too!

Companies that import goods are also responsible to adhere to regulations. More often than not the people they employ to manage their compliance programs are Licensed Customs Brokers.

There are multiple career paths for LCB's. They are in demand, and they pay well.

How do I pass the exam?

Don't Try it on Your Own

I remember when I first started studying for my broker's license. I was an entry writer for a very large broker. I had career aspirations and I knew I needed my license to get to the next level. Every day I walked past the "hall of licenses" on my way to lunch. There were more than 100 licenses displayed on the wall. There was no way for me to advance there without getting my license. It was intimidating.

I managed to borrow a set of regulations(I couldn't afford to buy them) and armed with the ever so helpful advice of, "just take old exams to study", I set out to prepare for the Custom Broker Exam. 45 minutes later I was still on the first question.

It's an open book test. Why is this so hard? I checked the citation in the answer key. I looked it up. I was in the right place, but it still made zero sense to me. At this rate I was never going to pass the exam. I felt defeated. I closed my books and it took me six months before I was ready to try again.

Luckily, my company had a class I could take. It was a one week "boot camp". For 8 hours a day we learned about the material tested and then for several hours each night we would do practice questions. It was a lot to pack into a short period of time. I still wasn't ready for the exam after that, but at least I knew how to study. After several more weeks of study, I passed my first try.

Hi Nathan,

I took Oct. 2020 customs broker exam in Los Angeles, I passed at 85%.

Thank you for your course. It helped me a lot. My friend passed exam using your course in 2018 and she referred me, I will definitely refer to other friends who want to take a course to pass it.

Thank you


Knowing How to Study is Half the Battle

A Better Customs Broker Training Course

I will never forget the feeling of despair when I first attempted to study for the CBLE. It doesn't have to be like that. With the proper study strategy:

  • It doesn't have to be overly stressful
  • You don't have to give up your life for 6 months
  • You don't have to take the test multiple times

It's been said, the quickest way to accomplish something is to find someone who has already done it and ask them for advice. That is the principle our course is built from. It was developed from my own experience preparing for the exam and modified with feedback from hundreds of students. These study tactics work.

Our course is designed to give you a complete road map from for passing the exam. We start with preparing your reference materials, we outline what topics will be tested, explain those topics, and even give you strategies for taking the test itself.


Customs Broker Geek Exam Prep Course

I've been teaching exam prep courses for more than 15 years. We've been online for the last 10 years. With all of this experience and feedback from our students, we've designed a proven plan that works.

We cover every little detail you need to know. Inside you will find:

  • Preparing Your Reference Materials. Learn how to setup your reference materials to find things quickly. We even show you how to highlight to make answers jump off the page (section 1).
  • Dealing with Small Desks at the Exam Site. How to transport and arrange your materials to be comfortable in a small desk. We even talk about how you can take the exam from the comfort of your own home!
  • What will be on the exam. We have every question that has been on past Customs Broker Exams since 2014. We use this database to understand what topics will be tested. We structure the course to explain these topics in detail including:
    • Broker Responsiblities (Section 2)
    • Entry Procedures (Section 3)
    • Finance and Accounting Procedures (Section 5)
    • Valuation (Section 6)
    • Classification (Sections 7 & 8)
    • Trade Agreements (Section 9)

And so much more...

We give you everything you need to pass the exam except the regulations (19 CFR) and the HTSUS. These books are so large that we can't include them at no cost. They can also be quite expensive so we give some tips for alternate sources to get these. Some are free. If all else fails, we do have a printer that prints them on demand for a reasonable price.

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“Broker Geek is a phenomenal and well planned course. The structure and organization of the material is great for learning and memorization. If you follow the course timeline at a steady pace, and put in the work - you will definitely achieve your goal. The Broker Geek team is full of Customs knowledge and helpful to answer questions at all times! I passed on my first test. Thank you guys! ”


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